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MBA Buzz – Cool Website for MBA Data Junkies

One of our MBA interns here at Google pointed me to a web concept called MBA Buzz that he and a friend developed while at school. I played with the site for a little while today and it’s pretty interesting. It basically takes self-reported data from MBA applicants (GMAT score, GPA, previous work experience, age, […]

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VCs Listening to Teens is the New TechCrunch

I think that it’s kind of cool that VCs are interested in what teenagers do and how they spend their time. There is probably something to learn there. However, after reading this post/photostream about a panel of teenagers and this blurb from one of my favorite blogs, I think it’s safe to say that VCs […]

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Is it Ever Too Soon to Monetize? Monetization as a Product Feature

Lately I have been stuck on the idea of monetization and how and why companies make decisions about monetizing their products. My fascination with monetization is driven by a few things: 1. I have seen or talked to a lot of start-ups who seem to be devoting all of their energy to developing features and […]

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