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New Site Features – MyBlogLog and MeeboMe

This is kind of boring, but I made two updates to my blog: I added a MyBlogLog community sidebar – if you are a MyBlogLog user you can sign up and join my community. I added a MeeboMe widget to my blog – I am generally on IM all day and you can reach out […]

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LinkedIn Q&A Feature – Interesting and Useful

I have been watching the development of the new Q&A feature in LinkedIn for awhile. Overall, I am very impressed by the way it works and think that it should make LinkedIn more useful for those who aren’t already aggressive users of the service. I have a few comments grouped around a few themes: Public […]

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MySpace Flexing its Muscles

I have been reading a bunch of these posts about how MySpace is beginning to get a bit more aggressive in terms of blocking 3rd party widgets and content. As I wrote about in a past post, I am not at all surprised by this move. MySpace has become an increasingly powerful force in the […]

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Interview Post #1 – Eventbrite and “The Long Tail of Events”

Earlier today I had the pleasure of speaking with Kevin Hartz, the head of Eventbrite, a very cool company that’s making it easier for long tail event organizers to organize, manage, and promote their events. Awhile back I wrote another post about whether online invitations are broken or stale. Eventbrite is the first company that […]

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Coming Soon – Interview Posts

I have spent some time thinking about new things to do on my blog and recently decided that I am going to do more interviews with interesting companies. Starting later this month, I will post interviews/summaries of new companies that I think are working on interesting stuff. If you or a friend would like to […]

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My 30-seconds of fame on CNN

In a random twist of fate, I was interviewed by CNN today for an upcoming piece. You might be able to catch my 30-seconds of fame next Monday, January 22nd sometime between 6 – 9 AM Eastern. The piece will air during the “American Morning” segment on CNN:

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AlwaysOn Media Conference (New York)

I am going to be going to the AlwaysOn Media event at the end of January. I am going to be serving as a judge for three CEO showcases focused on advertising and web services. If you are going to the conference and would like to meet up, please let me know. Looking forward to […]

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MIT/Stanford VLAB Event on Young Leaders

I’ve been working with the VLAB team to put this event together. It should be fun and interesting. Let me know if you are planning to come by so I know to look out for you. MIT/Stanford VLAB presents “Young Leaders of Silicon Valley” Tuesday, January 16, 2007 Bishop Auditorium, Stanford Graduate School of Business […]

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Initial Reaction to the iPhone – Mildly Skeptical but Impressed

Somehow CES seems a lot less exciting now that Apple announced the iPhone. I figured I would take a break and just post my initial thoughts now that all of the “ooh” and “ahh” of seeing the device online has subsided a bit. My basic view is that it is the most gorgeous phone that […]

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