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Looking for a Webmail-friendly Tickler Program

Today I had the pleasure of having a brief call with someone I really like (link to his blog here) and I realized it has been almost a year since he and I had a chance to really chat. Our conversation made me realize that what I really want/need is the equivalent of a tickler […]

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Grand Central – I like the application but there’s one big catch

I have been playing around with Grand Central for the last week or so. Grand Central’s basic value proposition is that they give you one phone number which you can then route to any other number you choose based on business rules. As a former Vonage subscriber, it’s very similar to the functionality that Vonage […]

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Twitter and Dodgeball

I have been playing with Twitter for about a week now and I really like it. It’s very easy to use, is dead simple to describe, and is strangely addictive. The only problem I have found with the service is that I have no way of finding out who else I know on the service. […]

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MIT/Stanford VLAB – Consumer Products Innovation 2007

This should be a good event – let me know if you’re planning to go: MIT/Stanford Venture Lab (VLAB) Presents: Consumer Products Innovation 2007 Registration $35 – Online registration $40 – Day of the event Date and Location Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at Stanford Graduate School of Business 6:00 – 7:30PM Networking/Buffet reception […]

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Reflections on CommunityNext

I spent a large chunk of my Saturday at the CommunityNext at Stanford and I have to say that it was a great event. The audience was good and the speakers were entertaining. Below are a few observations I had after attending: 1. It’s really hard to build a social network or community around a […]

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Connecting Social Networks – I Just Don’t Get the Fuss

I have been reading a lot of posts lately, including this one on the O’Reilly blog about how great it would be if we could either a) federate identity across the various social networking applications that exist today or b) socially-enable applications (phone, IM, email, etc) that I already use. My hunch is that none […]

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Is International Traffic a Blessing or a Curse?

This is really more of a blurb than a post. I have been talking to quite a few folks in the market today who have really fast growing web 2.0 or mobile applications where a significant portion of the traffic, pageviews, unique users, and usage comes from the developing world. In almost every case, the […]

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A Match Made in Heaven – Q&A Systems and Mailing Lists

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about Q&A systems lately, largely because I think it’s an opportunity that’s becoming interesting again. In thinking about what can be done to improve the quality of Q&A systems, it appears to me that all of the systems out there (perhaps with the exception of Yahoo!) […]

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More on Enterprise 2.0 – The Hidden Power of the Expense Report

I have been reading a handful of well-written and interesting posts beating the drum about how some of the great things that leading-edge consumers in the web space have come to know and love (tagging, bookmarking, AJAX-enabled interfaces, etc) will inevitably make their way to the enterprise in some form of “Enterprise 2.0” and I […]

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