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The Second Most Scarce Human Capital Resource in Silicon Valley

Everyone in the tech space seems to complain that great engineering talent (regardless of specialty) is the single most difficult human capital resource to find in Silicon Valley. Even before Google was gobbling up engineers, the general sentiment I heard was that hiring great engineers who fit a company’s culture is a really hard (and […]

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Stumble Video – Great for Video Discovery

I got a ping about Stumble Video, a new service from the StumbleUpon team that automatically finds videos that match your interests and tastes. I played around with it last night and I think it’s a neat service. With the exploding volume of video content on the web, finding/discovering video is not an easy thing […]

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Coffeeshopping – SF Chronicle Article on Neo-Nomads

The SF Chronicle article about “neo-nomads” was very entertaining and insightful. I don’t know that you need to delve into the levels of social theory that the article covers, but it certainly raises some interesting points. Aside from costs, working alone (or in pair or trio) in an anonymous office building in he Bay Area […]

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Why Mobile Social Networking Isn’t Working in the United States

With the public closure of Yahoo’s Mixd and various press articles about Twitter, Dodgeball, Loopt and other products that incorporate some kind of social networking or group communications for mobile phones, I have been doing some thinking about why mobile social networking and group communications haven’t taken off in the United States. The easy answer […]

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Early Experiences Using Simulscribe – I Really Like It

Every now and then I find a service which, despite the pains of getting it configured, delivers immediate “ah ha” value from the first few times you use it. I have been using Simulscribe for about a day now and I think it’s great. Simulscribe’s basic value proposition is very simple. If someone calls you […]

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Laundry List of Business Models

I have been talking to a bunch of companies who are trying to figure out what business model to pursue. While this seems like a big science experiment, I think it’s a lot simpler when you stop and think about the universe of business models, generically speaking, that are well-defined and work today. Below is […]

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Beta Testing CRMforGoogle

I have been beta testing the new Etelos CRMforGoogle application. Overall, I think it’s very clever – it gives you a very lightweight CRM tool that you can easily integrate into your existing Google Personalized Homepage. If I had not already made an investment in a particular CRM solution for my own needs, I would […]

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Blackberry 8800 vs. Blackberry Pearl – I Kept the Pearl

I finally got around to visiting a Cingular store that actually had a Blackberry 8800 in stock. Normall I expect to be so entranced by a new Blackberry that I buy it on the spot. I went into the Cingular store with every expectation of wanting to buy the 8800. After taking it out of […]

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Spotting the Next PayPal (Silicon Valley Family Trees)

Paypal, aside from being a huge financial success, has spawned a ton of really interesting companies and people doing interesting things (Slide, Yelp, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc) in a fairly short period of time. In my estimation, it appears to be one of the best Silicon Valley “family trees” since Netscape. I am curious to hear […]

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