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Are Sidebars the Next Widgets?

Lately, I’ve gotten a bit fatigued with installing widgets on my various social networking pages. But what I have found very intriguing is the revitalization of an old concept – the browser sidebar. There are a number of services that I use where the content is of personal interest to me and very dynamic. I’ve installed TwitBin to track the friends I have on Twitter as well as the Meebo sidebar. I wish the Facebook sidebar worked better as I think that would be quite useful.
For highly dynamic and engaging services (instant messaging and social networking come to mind immediately), I’m willing to allocate a small portion of my browser real estate to the ability to keep abreast of what’s going on as I browse the web. Not surprisingly, it also increases my interaction with those services because they are now less than a click away – it’s even better than a toolbar as it has persistent visibility.
I think more folks are going to start revitalizing this sidebar concept as it’s a great way to stay in front of your users as they navigate the web.

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