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4 Things I Hope the FriendFeed API Enables

After hearing about FriendFeed’s upcoming API, I’ve been thinking about the kinds of features and functionality I’d like to see enabled once the API is available. At the end of the day, I really like the conversations that happen on FriendFeed and I hope the upcoming API offers folks a way to share those conversations with a wider audience of people and allows those conversations to follow and live with the content itself.

Develop a plug-in that pulls blog entry comments from FriendFeed and puts them on my blog with the original post
The conversations that happen on FriendFeed are really interesting. I would love to be able to pull those comments out of the system and have them live with the original content.

Take comments from my blog and have those show up in FriendFeed
In the same vein as the point above, I’d like to have comments left by folks who read my blog show up in FriendFeed.

Develop an desktop application for FriendFeed that works on my desktop
Sometimes I don’t want to go to a web-browser or an RSS reader to see what’s happening on FriendFeed. A small desktop app (similar to the ones that have been popular for Twitter) would be a great way to follow the conversations as they happen.

De-duplication and popularity leaderboard
Similar to Techmeme, there are a lot of stories / posts in FriendFeed that I see shared by multiple people. Not everyone points to the same source feed as the next person and I’d love to see what the most popular, fastest-moving, or commented / liked items are in FriendFeed. Ditto on the people whose posts and content are generating the most activity.

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