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3 Things You Can Do to Make the Freemium Summit Even Better

Thanks to all of you who have recommended speakers and topics for the first ever Freemium Summit. The event is shaping up nicely – we have some fantastic speakers lined up and some really meaty topics to discuss. We already have confirmed speakers from Dropbox, Pandora, YouSendIt,, Mailchimp, Xobni, Evernote, and Automattic (WordPress). I’m really looking forward to the event and there are 3 more areas where I could use your help:

1. I am still looking for a few great companies who are experimenting with the freemium business model in the SaaS or enterprise space. Particularly, I’m looking for companies who are either big believers in the value of having a mix of paid and free users or those who are adamantly against it.

2. We’re also going to cover mobile as a freemium topic as well. If you know a good mobile developer with a strong point of view about how to succeed with freemium on the mobile, let me know.

3. If you know of a company who is doing great stuff in the customer service side of supporting a blend of free and paying users, I’d like to talk to them as well.

Feel free to leave comments below – thanks in advance for your help!

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