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More Thoughts on “Enterprise Software’s Youth Drain”

I was reading this really interesting post on GigaOm about how young people aren’t going into enterprise software anymore. My initial thoughts are that enterprise software feels like trucking or transportation – lots of revenue but limited growth opportunities. Some of the reasons that younger folks are deserting enterprise software can be chalked up to […]

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A Different Take on “How Portals Will Win the Social Networking Wars”

I read this post by Steve Rubel several times and I still don’t quite get the logic as to why portals will win in the social networking war. Google and Yahoo (in particular) have a lot of the components mentioned in these posts (IM, email, address books, etc) and it hasn’t translated into success in […]

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The Salesforce Venture Fund – Marketing or Profit Opportunity?

I was reading this post about how Bessemer and Bay Partners are going to invest at least $25 million in companies building applications on top of the Salesforce platform. This is an investment strategy that I can (actually) understand. As I read it, based on this press release, the goal is to deploy a minimum […]

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Graduate Students and Credit Cards – Interesting Report

This has nothing to do with technology, but it’s cool if you’re into numbers and such. Nellie Mae just published “Graduate Students and Credit Cards” – it’s a report on how graduate students in the US use credit cards. Two interesting factoids from the executive summary. The average outstanding balance on graduate student credit cards […]

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Skype and eBay – I Guess the Price was Wrong

Almost two years ago to the day I penned a post about the eBay-Skype deal. I was pretty confused as to how it would work out in the end and whether the price being paid would ultimately reflect the value of Skype. Well, after reading this post it sounds like they were off, way off […]

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Could Facebook be the Subprime of Web 2.0?

I grew up in Michigan, the state that’s been probably hardest hit by the subprime crisis. The ripple effects of what it’s meant to every phase of the local economy have been profound. That got me to thinking that Facebook just might be the “cheap credit” equivalent that got the financial markets into their current […]

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