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Technology Workaholics – Sad but True

TweetI’ve found another one of those blogosphere discussions that seems to have struck a nerve with folks. Jason Calcanis wrote a post about how to run a startup on the cheap. Lots of others, including Michael Arrington and Duncan Riley have added to the discussion as well. This is one of those “only in Silicon […]

Should “Great Athletes” Start Internet Companies?

TweetOne of my favorite work topics is the whole question about the role of the “best athlete” in small, growing companies. If you want a good summary of the “best athlete” debate, I’d recommend you check out this post on Dick Costolo’s blog – he sums it up well. The basic argument is about the […]

Office 2.0 – Do People Really Want to Work Differently?

TweetI’ve been reading a handful of posts about the modest penetration that web-based office applications have achieved thus far. Most of the posts I’ve seen either highlight the limited penetration that web applications have achieved as proof that they are a “failure” or use the same information to pontificate about why these web apps will […]

NYT Article on Anxious Silicon Valley Millionaires

TweetI’m at home visiting my family this weekend and I came across this great article in the NYT about how Silicon Valley millionaires don’t feel rich. I’ve tried to explain this syndrome to my parents and family members before, but it’s hard to do so without coming across as a crazy person. I think this […]