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Eight Predictions for 2008

TweetIf you want to read my predictions for 2005, 2006, and 2007, click on the hyperlinks in this intro sentence. I’ll spare you the pain of recapping what I predicted in 2007 – feel free to make comments on that post if you have something to say. I have a handful of predictions (8 actually) […]

Seven for 2007 – Some New Predictions and a Look at 2006

TweetIt’s prediction time again. Before I jump into my new set of predictions, let’s take a peek at last year’s crop of predictions. Full text can be found here: 2006 Predictions – What was the verdict? 1. Windows finally makes real headway in the smartphone market. Verdict: I think this is more or less true. […]

Seven Predictions for 2006

TweetIt is the time of year for predictions. I have seven predictions, ranked in descending order of confidence, that I would like to throw out for consideration. I will have a separate post reviewing last year’s predictions and perhaps a separate post on M&A combinations that might occur. 1. Windows finally makes real headway in […]

Yet Another Set of Predictions for 2005

TweetEveryone I know is making predictions for 2005. I figured I might as well do the same. Here goes (read the full post if you want the whole story): 1. Mobile payments become big 2. Home networking stands still 3. Web 2.0 becomes a dirty word 4. Open source is the only big story in […]