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Shameless Plug for Startonomics

Tweet I’ve known Dave McClure for awhile and have worked with him on a number of events, including Startup2Startup and I know he’s really passionate about startups, metrics, and generally making the world a better place for startups entrepreneurs. If you have time on October 2nd, I’d encourage you to go and check out the […]

Advice for a Sundance Rookie?

TweetI’m going to Sundance for the first time this year. It’s mostly a work trip (hold your snickers) so I’m wondering if any of you out there have been to Sundance before and have any advice for a first-time attendee. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or reply to me directly. Tweet

Going to CES?

TweetI just decided that I’m going to CES in January 2008.  Are you going? Let me know. Also curious about any interesting parties / events happening between Sunday and Tuesday. Tweet