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Easing Back Into Writing

My last blog post was over five years ago. A lot has changed since then – I started my own fund and have been pretty heads down focused on building out Precursor and supporting our portfolio companies. I didn’t make a conscious decision to stop writing, I just felt like there was so much good content being written in blogs and on Twitter that I didn’t have much to add. In the last few months, I have felt like I have things that I wanted to share that don’t really fit in a tweet but that I wanted to express.

The whole world of how investors share ideas has changed a lot in the last five years. Tweets have largely taken the place of blog posts. Podcasts created a new way to get to know investors and have the intimacy of voice. We have VC parody accounts, meme accounts, Clubhouse and a million other ways to get into the minds of investors. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to write going forward, but I hope it’s useful to everyone.

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