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chirpscreen makes screensavers fun

(Disclaimer: I went to business school with founder of this company and I think she’s awesome. This is in no way an unbiased review).

I installed the chirpscreen screen saver application yesterday and I think it’s pretty neat. The basic idea is that chripscreen will replace your boring screensaver with information about the people in your facebook network – status updates, photos they’ve uploaded, etc. It’s a much more entertaining way to have your computer screen saver work than the standard options available on Windows or Mac.

The installation process was fairly straightforward. I had to install a Facebook app and go through a series of steps in my screensaver configuration screen to get it up and running. I imagine the post-beta installation process will be a bit smoother, but it passed the “it didn’t crash my machine” test when I installed it. The only hitch I found was the Facebook login linking process on my desktop didn’t take the first time.

Once I had the application up and running, it was very cool. I saw a ton of photos that my friends had uploaded to Facebook that I had never bothered to check out. Some of them were not safe for work, but by and large they were interesting and drove me to click back into Facebook to see the whole album. Ditto on the floating Facebook status messages.

I can see this being really entertaining if it gets hooked up to other services I care about (Digg, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc – anything that tracks and publishes a newsfeed like summary of what folks are doing).  Overall, this is one of the more fun apps I’ve installed. The only hiccup I encountered was that some of the pictures that came up sparked a conversation in my office in my absence – it was funny, but unexpected.

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