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From Google to Gaia – My New Job

Tweet I’ve been at my new job for just under a week and I wanted to give everyone an update on what I’m doing. Since leaving Google I have joined Gaia Interactive as the Director of Business Development. We’re in the early days of the virtual goods/virtual worlds space and I’m really looking forward to […]

Virtual Items: Mainstream or Not – Video Now Available

TweetThis panel generated a lot of great comments and audience feedback. Below is the video for the panel which focused on whether virtual goods are mainstream or not. Instead of spoiling it for you by giving away the commentary, I’d encourage you to watch it in its entirety – lots of good insights and learnings […]

Making Virtual Economies Work – Video Now Available

TweetThanks to all of you who ended up offering me suggestions for video hosting. I ended up choosing Brightcove, which has been great aside from the fact that you need a special plug-in to make it work well on WordPress. I am in the process of uploading videos to the Virtual Goods Summit website. In […]

Virtual Goods Summit – Early Bird Pricing Ends on Sunday Night

Tweet I’ve been working really hard on the Virtual Goods Summit and we have a fantastic list of speakers and panel topics lined up for June 22nd. You can check out the website here . Our early bird pricing ends on Sunday at midnight — if you’re planning to come, save yourself some money and […]

Virtual Goods Summit 2007 Website – Conference Website Now Live

TweetJust a really brief post to let everyone know that the conference website for the Virtual Goods Summit is now live on the web. We’ll be announcing more speakers and panelists soon: Feel free to leave me any comments or feedback you might have on our web presence. We’re going to be making a […]

Virtual Goods Summit 2007 – A Few More Details

TweetA number of blog readers have pinged me to ask me more about this conference I am organizing. I don’t want to give away all the details yet, but I did want to provide everyone with some context for what I’m working on and why. I go to a lot of conferences and lately have […]