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The Frustrating Opaque Nature of iPhone 5 Battery Life

TweetThis is a really short post expressing a personal frustration of mine. I regularly carry two phones, an iPhone 5 and a Samsung Galaxy S3. One of the things I really like about my Galaxy S3 is that it gives me some insight into which applications I’m running are having the most impact on my […]

The Evergreen Nature of the Photo App Category

TweetPhoto sharing is one of those evergreen categories of app innovation that I continue to find fascinating. Every time photo capture, photo sharing, or photo editing feels “solved” something else comes along and changes the way I think about photos. Photo sharing is also one of those categories that has become something of a punch […]

Where Are the Big Consumer-Facing Email Startups?

TweetEmail is one of those things that everyone complains about and wishes worked better. Some people want to kill email, some people want to make it work better, and others want to automate away the drudgery of managing email. In spite of all of the complaining about email and all of the entrepreneurial energy spent […]

What Not To Say When a Friend’s Company is Failing

TweetFailure is part of the startup ecosystem and it’s not fun. I’ve never met someone who had a failed company who would have preferred failure to success. While failure is a necessary part of the startup ecosystem, it has human consequences. Lately I’ve had some personal experiences with failure and had the chance to have […]

The Karma is a Different Kind of Hotspot – 3 Observations

TweetAbout a month ago, I decided to buy a Karma Wi-Fi hotspot. I was curious about the idea of a social hotspot, so I wanted to get a sense for how the experience works. The concept is pretty intriguing and simple. You buy a Karma hotspot and it comes with 1 GB of data. When […]

Location Sharing In a World of Many Options and Apps

TweetI play with a lot of location products. The more of them I use, the more I get to understand how I think about sharing my own location with people I know and how those products fit into my life. As I’ve used more products, I’ve started to think about the dimensions along which I […]

Why I Quora

TweetI’ve been thinking a lot about why I’ve gotten back into Quora – so much so that I’ve started to use “quora” as a verb in the same way that I twitter, blog, or instagram. I liked it a lot when I first found out about it and then kind of stopped participating. But I’ve […]

Location-Based People Discovery Networks are for Fun not Business

TweetShort blog post for you. I was on a walkabout with a friend and former colleague and we got on the subject of location-based people discovery services like Highlight, Sonar, and Circle. We got on the subject of whether I’d use those services for professional as opposed to entertainment purposes. People discovery is a form […]

When Will LinkedIn Launch Their Own CRM System?

TweetLinkedIn is still my de facto place for storing information about professional connections. But right now I mostly use it like a database – I go there when I need to look up someone or find a connection. I sometimes wonder why LinkedIn hasn’t launched more products and services that pull me back into the […]

How Many Companies Can the Local Rewards and Loyalty Space Support?

TweetAwhile back I posted a question on Quora about the opportunity to do a roll-up or consolidation play in the mobile SMB loyalty and rewards space. I’ve seen a number of interesting companies working on this problem but none has broken out as the leader. In my neighborhood it seems like every restaurant, cafe, or […]