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Only Apple Can Fix Its App Store Search

TweetA few days ago I was trying to find two new-ish apps, Jelly and Secret and I went to the App Store and just tried to find them via search. The results were not encouraging. I got a lot of results that were not at all what I was looking for. It turns out that […]

Marketplaces, Rating Systems, and Leakage

TweetIn the past three years I have had the pleasure of meeting many marketplace companies looking for seed funding. I have also had the privilege of investing in quite and continue to learn along the way. One of the things I spend a lot of time thinking about and exploring is what drives “leakage” and […]

iOS7 and the Need for Smart Notifications for the Pebble

TweetI’ve been wearing and using my Pebble a lot more since they announced support for a broader framework of notifications with the release of iOS 7. I was excited to learn that I’d be able to get notifications from a broader set of applications as I thought it would make the watch more useful and […]

Lessons Learned from Sharing Twist With My Network

TweetI’ve written a few posts about how I think about location sharing and location sharing applications, the latest of which is this one. One of the most interesting experiences I’ve had of late is trying to activate my network to start using Twist. For those who are unfamiliar, Twist is a mobile app that allows […]

Context, Commerce, and Content Will Battle for the Android Lockscreen

TweetOne area where I’ve been spending some time meeting companies and learning is in the broad area of Android UI customization. I’ve started to see a handful of companies providing interesting approaches to customizing the Android home screen UI as well as taking over the lockscreen to provide consumers with information or entertainment. It’s not […]

Kickstarter Campaigns and Product vs Category Demand

TweetI wanted to write a quick blog post based on a tweet I shared recently: I continue to believe that Kickstarter campaigns tell me more about category demand than demand for a given company's actual offering. — Charles Hudson (@chudson) November 1, 2013 Overall, I continue to believe that Kickstarter (and IndieGoGo and self-starter) campaigns […]

When Will Twitter Buy or Compete with Pocket?

TweetA decent chunk of my blog posts are inspired by things that other people tweet that catch my eye. Recently @hunterwalk tweeted out about how Evernote or Twitter should buy my favorite read it later service, Pocket: As Pinterest adds "read it later/bookmark" features I'm waiting for Twitter or Evernote to buy Pocket — Hunter […]

4 Reasons Why Android-First Strategies Haven’t Worked (Yet)

TweetAbout three years ago there were a handful of companies that set out to build Android-first or Android-only startups. All of those, including the one that I co-founded, had a thesis on why focusing on Android first or exclusively was a wise strategy. With a few exceptions, most of those companies, including mine, have not […]

Tempo, Sunrise and Why Calendar Apps Matter

TweetI wrote an old blog post about the challenges for startups competing with core apps on the major mobile platforms. As is the case with many things, competing to replace core app functionality (email, calendar, photo, messaging) is a high stakes game with big rewards and lots of risk. And I’m not an investor in […]

Wearing Wearables – Thoughts on the Current State of Wearable Tech

Tweet I’ve been playing with a bunch of wearable tech lately. I find it all fascinating and really fun as a window into the future. The picture in this post shows the four wearable devices that I play with the most – Google Glass, FitBit (I am an investor), Jawbone Up, and the Pebble smartwatch. […]