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Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive – The Fractured Way I Store Stuff Online

I’ve had this nagging desire to write about Evernote and the mess that is my online storage life for the last few weeks. I use the product every single day to take notes, scan business cards, and clip interesting things from the web that I want to keep for future reference. I have also paid for the Premium version for quite some time as the product delivers a lot of value and I feel good supporting them.

iOS8, Mobility and Making Consumer Security Convenient

Consumer security has been a historically hard category to monetize. I’d argue that desktop anti-virus software market in the 1990s and 2000s was really the heyday of consumer willingness to invest in security software.

Early Thoughts on Lyft Line and Ridepooling

Earlier today I took my first ride on Lyft Line, Lyft’s brand new twist on ridesharing. The concept is simple – you as the rider get a discount on your fare in exchange for being willing to share your trip with another person heading in the same direction. My early experiences with Lyft Line have been good.

Valet Parking Startups and Non-Consumption as the Real Competition

TweetIn the past few months I’ve met, read about, or been introduced to a number of companies that are working on solutions to make parking in cities a much easier experience for consumers. Most of these services are focusing on the SF and NYC markets, both of which are know for limited street parking, high […]

False Positives, False Negatives, and Reading Decks in Advance

As a VC, I take the majority of my meetings without seeing a presentation or “deck” in advance. And when I do get slides, I tend not to study them closely in advance. I’ve never explained why and wanted to do so.

3 Ways Deep Linking Could Play Out

TweetI’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how deep-linking is going to play out. For those who are not familiar, deep-linking is a technology that allows app-to-app communication to function very similarly to the way that web pages work. In the same way that a hyperlink to a website need not drop you […]

Vertical Marketplaces and the Durability of Craigslist

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes Craigslist so durable and why lots of vertical marketplaces have succeeded and failed in trying to unbundle the company’s myriad offerings.

Making City Living Better as an Investment Theme

I recently took a look back at a lot of the companies that I found really interesting, regardless of whether I invested or not, and tried to group them. It turns out that there is a large cluster in one theme – city living. While San Francisco is not as dense as New York or Tokyo, it does have sufficient density to unlock some really interesting businesses that maybe wouldn’t work as well in a more sparsely-populated area.

On-Demand Music Streaming is Winner-Take-All, Right?

TweetThis is a quick full blog post that is a follow up to a question I posted on Quora. One thing I’ve been thinking about is whether the battle between Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, Beats Music, and the various other competitors from Google, Amazon, and others will result in a winner-take-all scenario. I have a few […]

Commerce Marketplaces, Network Effects, and Winner-Take-All Outcomes

TweetIn the past few months I’ve looked at quite a few commerce marketplaces and social networks. One thing I’ve been trying to understand more deeply is the set of circumstances when commerce networks tip toward winner-take-all outcomes, with one dominant network accounting for the bulk of transactional activity. This blog post is very much a […]