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New Site Features – MyBlogLog and MeeboMe

TweetThis is kind of boring, but I made two updates to my blog: I added a MyBlogLog community sidebar – if you are a MyBlogLog user you can sign up and join my community. I added a MeeboMe widget to my blog – I am generally on IM all day and you can reach out […]

Testing WordPress

TweetI finally took the plunge (with the help of a friendly WordPress installer) and moved all of my old blog entries and other content over to WordPress. I am going to play with it for awhile — so far I like it but there are some rough edges. Because I want to play with Akismet, […]

Mint and Feedburner

TweetOn the advice of a friend and fellow blogger, I installed Mint on my blog. It’s a great little product for gettting more insight into the nature of your own blog’s traffic. I was able to install it in just about an hour and the support forums have answers to most of the questions a […]

Moving to WordPress?

TweetA good number of my friends have recently moved off of MovableType to WordPress. I have been happy with MovableType (I have a very good admin who fixes stuff for me when I break it) but am curious as to why so many people I know have moved over to WordPress. If you are a […]

Moving my Feeds

TweetI am moving most of my feeds over to Feedburner today. Let me know if you have any problems getting access to my old RSS/ATOM feeds. Tweet