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Simulscribe – 1 Month of Free Service

TweetIf you’re thinking about signing up for Simulscribe, you can sign up using this link and we’ll both get a month of free service. Just thought I would pass it along to anyone who reads this blog and is curious about the service. Tweet

How Did Skype Get So Stale?

TweetThis is the first of a few (probably two) posts on voice apps. I’ve been using a lot of voice applications lately – Simulscribe, GrandCentral, Jajah, iSkoot, and Skype. Of all these applications, I feel that Skype is really behind the curve. I’ve been using Skype for a few years and it still feels to […]

Early Experiences Using Simulscribe – I Really Like It

TweetEvery now and then I find a service which, despite the pains of getting it configured, delivers immediate “ah ha” value from the first few times you use it. I have been using Simulscribe for about a day now and I think it’s great. Simulscribe’s basic value proposition is very simple. If someone calls you […]