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Initial Reaction to the iPhone – Mildly Skeptical but Impressed

TweetSomehow CES seems a lot less exciting now that Apple announced the iPhone. I figured I would take a break and just post my initial thoughts now that all of the “ooh” and “ahh” of seeing the device online has subsided a bit. My basic view is that it is the most gorgeous phone that […]


Tweet In the interest of fair disclosure, I need to admit that I have a personal relationship with several of the people involved with this venture. Now that I have that out of the way, I can talk a bit more about this service. About two weeks ago I saw a demo of the Cellfire […]


TweetFrom time to time I still hear people asking if the mobile gaming opportunity is real and when EA plans to really put their stake in the ground and move into this space aggressively. Well, it looks like today is the day, with EA announcing a $680 million acquisition of JAMDAT. I am including a […]

Satellite Radio and the iPod

TweetAfter a school-induced blog hiatus, I am back with a few posts. About a month ago I got XM Satellite radio installed in my car. I was debating whether or not it made any sense to actually pay $12 per month for radio when I have a perfectly good FM tuner and an iPod. After […]