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Follow Up to Andrew Chen’s Good Post on Facebook Developers – It’s Mostly about Being Famous

TweetI have been talking to a number of folks I know who are spending a lot of their time building applications or services for the Facebook platform and I have been struggling to really understand the motivation. Then I read this great post on Andrew Chen’s blog about the difference between people who are motivated […]

Social Shopping and Expertise Identification – The Missing Piece in the Puzzle?

TweetI have been noodling on this whole idea of social shopping, which I think is still a poorly-defined concept. I have to warn you in advance that this is a fairly academic-style post. What does it mean to “shop socially”? To me, social shopping is about leveraging the collective wisdom of others, be they friends […]

Thoughts on the >play Conference at Berkeley

TweetI spent a good chunk of my last Saturday at the >play conference at Berkeley. Overall, I thought it was a well-produced show and the team behind it should be proud of what they pulled together. Mobile Advertising is Neither Well-Defined nor Understood. The conference session I attended called “The Co-Evolution of Marketing and New […]

Are You Tired of Viral Marketing?

TweetIn the last few days I have been getting a lot of invitations to sign up for new web services. After a few years of generally being a good sport and sharing the word, I have recently scaled back the number of services for which I am willing to create “viral” marketing by sharing it […]