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Google Reader Privacy Kerfuffle – Why Passively Social Products are Really Hard

TweetI’ve been following this kerfuffle over the security and privacy “mishap” over Google Reader’s shared items feed and their second attempt at rolling out some truly “passively social” features and functions and allowing you to see the items shared by other folks who are in your Gmail contacts. I find it hard to argue that […]

Google Reader Feed Recommendations – Bring on "Passively Social” Products

TweetI’ve been waiting for Google Reader to roll out the feed recommendation service that just popped into my feed reader yesterday. I think this service will actually be far more useful for people who consume a ton of feeds than it will for those who are casual feed readers. This assertion isn’t based on any […]

Google Shared Items – Make It Better So I Can Use It

TweetWhen I first heard about the Google Shared Stuff application, I was definitely intrigued. I’ve always used to keep track of random pages I find across the web, but I’ve never really loved the interface. The main drawback I have is that I read all of my feeds in Google Reader and it’s so […]

Is Google Reader Google’s Best Social Application?

TweetI read a lot of RSS feeds over the course of the day. I’m getting to the point where almost all the news I consume comes via RSS. I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader over a year ago and I think GR is a great tool. One of the common criticism I read about […]