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Skype and eBay – I Guess the Price was Wrong

TweetAlmost two years ago to the day I penned a post about the eBay-Skype deal. I was pretty confused as to how it would work out in the end and whether the price being paid would ultimately reflect the value of Skype. Well, after reading this post it sounds like they were off, way off […]

Amazon Flexible Payments – Scary Good for Merchants

TweetI have to give Amazon credit – they’ve put together most of the things you need to assemble to make life easy for developers. They have a compute environment, bandwidth, affiliate products, an existing customer base, and a way to accept money. What more could a developer ask for from a platform provider? True cost […]

eBay and StumbleUpon? I Just Don’t Get It

TweetI generally agree with (or at least find thought-provoking) most of the things I read on GigaOm — it’s one of my favorite blogs. However, in reading the logic in why eBay and StumbleUpon makes sense, I just don’t get it. I am a big StumbleUpon fan – it’s a great service. And I like […]