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The Economic Downturn and MBA Programs

TweetThings have been pretty crazy lately, so I haven’t had much time for blogging. One thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot, though, is what this current economic downturn will mean for MBA programs, particularly on the applicant side. I enjoyed my MBA program and there are two questions I’ve been pondering when it […]

Follow Up to Andrew Chen’s Good Post on Facebook Developers – It’s Mostly about Being Famous

TweetI have been talking to a number of folks I know who are spending a lot of their time building applications or services for the Facebook platform and I have been struggling to really understand the motivation. Then I read this great post on Andrew Chen’s blog about the difference between people who are motivated […]

San Jose Mercury News – Forget the Ivy League: Most valley CEOs went public

TweetI was browsing the Merc today and came across this interesting article titled “San Jose Mercury News – Forget the Ivy League: Most valley CEOs went public” about how two-thirds of the CEOs at the largest public companies in Silicon Valley got their undergraduate degrees at public institutions. It was a good read in terms […]

Are Smart People Wasting Time on Bad Ideas?

TweetAbout 2-3 times per year I’ll happen upon a conversation thread that makes me uncomfortable. If I hear it from one person whose opinion I respect, I tend to file it away. If I hear it from two people whose opinion I respect, I make note of it. If I hear it from 3 people […]

More Thoughts on “Enterprise Software’s Youth Drain”

TweetI was reading this really interesting post on GigaOm about how young people aren’t going into enterprise software anymore. My initial thoughts are that enterprise software feels like trucking or transportation – lots of revenue but limited growth opportunities. Some of the reasons that younger folks are deserting enterprise software can be chalked up to […]

Help Me Build a Better Gaia – We’re Hiring

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From Google to Gaia – My New Job

Tweet I’ve been at my new job for just under a week and I wanted to give everyone an update on what I’m doing. Since leaving Google I have joined Gaia Interactive as the Director of Business Development. We’re in the early days of the virtual goods/virtual worlds space and I’m really looking forward to […]

My Last Day at Google

Tweet Today, Monday August 6th is my last day at Google. I’ve had a great time working here and have gotten to know some really great people and work on some really interesting projects. I don’t have the resume or artistic talents of my former colleague, Jason Shellen, but suffice it to say that leaving […]

What Do Business Development People Do, Anyway?

TweetThis is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a long time but I haven’t had the time or the clarity to actually sit down and write it until now. Looking back at my (short) career in business, I realize that most of the jobs I’ve had have a relationship or business development component […]

“The Wheel” and the 5 Ps of Job Satisfaction

TweetWe’re going to have some summer interns in my group so I have been spending some time thinking about what makes people happy at work. A long time ago I had a really good co-worker who gave me a good little tool to think about what makes people happy at work. My co-worker, who shall […]