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Caltrain Rejecting Wi-Fi for Trains Makes Sense to Me

I was reading this post on how Caltrain is rejecting a bid to build out Wi-Fi for the train system. As someone who rides Caltrain from Mountain View to SF once or twice a week, I think it’s a smart move. I’ve noticed that people who regularly ride the train and really want to work have broadband access cards that they simply use on the train while riding. I see many other people who have laptops but no interest in working – they either watch movies, sleep, or read a book. When you factor in the relatively short commute time for Caltrain (90 minutes tops from end to end), it’s hard to make the case for Wi-Fi on the train.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that only the newest Caltrain cabins are suitable for working – the newest trains have power plugs, tables, and arrangements that are more conducive to 30-60 minutes of work.

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