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Best Article I’ve Read on Palm in a Long Time (Good Work, Engadget)

In one post, the team over at Engadget just summed up all of my thoughts about the Treo. I am really into phones and gadgets and I have relegated the Treo to the also-ran category as of about two years ago. I would love to see Palm reinvigorate this brand and do something interesting in the smartphone market. I just went to Verizon yesterday to check out phones and the only real decision I saw in the smartphone section was whether to get a Motorola Q or a Blackberry. I’m not sure who all of the Treo diehards are, but they deserve better from Palm. Aside from the Blackberry Curve, the Blackberry Pearl, and the iPhone, there is a real dearth of world-class smartphones with great user interfaces and strong messaging/sync capabilities. It certainly isn’t too late for Palm to get back in the game, but they had better hurry. I couldn’t agree more with the comment about dropping the Foleo, by the way – it strikes me as a total distraction. I have to believe that the next versions of the Q (not counting the Q9m) and Blackjack will be improvements over the current offerings, so Palm needs to get to work.

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