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The Frustrating Opaque Nature of iPhone 5 Battery Life

TweetThis is a really short post expressing a personal frustration of mine. I regularly carry two phones, an iPhone 5 and a Samsung Galaxy S3. One of the things I really like about my Galaxy S3 is that it gives me some insight into which applications I’m running are having the most impact on my […]

The Evergreen Nature of the Photo App Category

TweetPhoto sharing is one of those evergreen categories of app innovation that I continue to find fascinating. Every time photo capture, photo sharing, or photo editing feels “solved” something else comes along and changes the way I think about photos. Photo sharing is also one of those categories that has become something of a punch […]

Google Glass and B2B Applications

Tweet I’ve been using my Google Glass for awhile now and it has been a really interesting experience. I think enough other smart people have written great articles talking about the future of Google Glass, what the experience is like, and whether it’s a mainstream product. A quick Google search will give you lots of […]

Why Nails and Pre and Post Meeting Intel for Busy Networkers

TweetWhen I first heard about Refresh, I kind of rolled my eyes. I love CRM and contact management applications, and many of them sound better in practice than they deliver in practice. I figured that Refresh would fall short as many other well-intentioned products in the space had in the past. But Refresh is now […]