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More Thoughts on the Value of Interest Graphs and “Small” Networks

TweetThis is the second in a series I posts about how I’ve been using social networking tools lately and what I’ve learned by extension. While my Facebook usage waxes and wanes, my overall time spent on social services has increased. Simply put, my time spent on Facebook is being replaced with time spent on purpose-specific […]

Facebook Mobile and Discrete Apps for Core Services

TweetI’ve been thinking a bit about how I use social networks and how it continues to evolve. Increasingly, I find myself wanting to consume Facebook’s myriad set of products and services as discrete applications, especially on mobile devices. The core Facebook UI is burdened with having to do a lot. It has to be able […]

Does Android Need Its Own Version of Game Center?

TweetIn all of the announcements about Apple’s iOS5, the one that caught my attention was the continued progress that Apple has been making with GameCenter. They now claim over 67 million registered players for the Game Center service and it continues to expand to include a wider range of game types. I’ve been thinking about […]