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How Not to Let BD Tank Your Startup

TweetJust wanted to share this with my blog readers who don’t follow me on Twitter. Enjoy! How Not to Let BD Tank Your Startup View more presentations from Charles Hudson. Tweet

Looking for My Ah-Ha Moment with Beluga (Group Messaging)

TweetI spend a large chunk of my day on my phone and away from my computer, running to and from meetings or pacing around the office. I also travel a lot, so I try to make sure I have a set of mobile communications tools I can use to stay on top of everything. Aside […]

Location Based Games are Hard and Check-Ins Aren’t the Answer

TweetI’ve been chatting with a lot of people who are working on mobile games with a strong location component. Almost all of them are trying to do some mashup of a game plus check-in data to do something interesting. At its core, the concept sounds intriguing. To date, I don’t think anyone has really cracked […]