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The Investment Makes Sense to Me (the Feedburner of Twitter)

I saw a blurb indicating that raised some money. I use and I can see why investors wanted to pony up a modest amount of cash to see if it can become something meaningful. Two quick thoughts: If Twitter continues to become a place where people share links and articles they find interesting, […]

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Is Google Voice a Threat to SpinVox and Phonetag?

I’ve been playing with my new Google Voice account now that my upgrade from GrandCentral is complete and so far I like it – it’s a good product and the improvements are great. I also like that the interface looks and feels more like Gmail and less like a webmail 1.0 interface. I’ve been a […]

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Interested in iPhone and Facebook Connect? See You at the iGames Summit!

I’m at SXSW right now and Facebook just announced that there are a number of iPhone game developers who will be integrating with Facebook Connect to make iPhone games more social. I think it’s going to be a big deal. If you want to hear more firsthand from some of the early adopters in this […]

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Making the iPhone More Social and Viral – We Need a Social Graph

I’ve been playing with a lot of really interesting iPhone apps lately (mostly games) and one thing I’m finally beginning to see is a more concerted effort by iPhone application developers to start to think about viral distribution. As far as I can tell, the best two ways to get distribution for your app are […]

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The Hard Road Ahead for Facebook Fan Pages – The Self-Promoters are on Twitter

In the last few days I’ve talked to three people who’ve been debating setting up Facebook Fan Pages for some cause / group they like or support. They’ve also asked about Twitter. I saw this post about the pending re-launch of the Facebook Pages with a new-and-improved experience for brands. I’ve been using Twitter a […]

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