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Why a LinkedIn Connection is Worth More than a Facebook Friend

TweetA lot of times I read things that say that LinkedIn is a better business because they cater to professionals while Facebook focuses on personal relationships. I think that’s a really superficial way to look at what is, in fact, a much more nuanced difference. At the end of the day, my impression is that […]

Shameless Plug for Startonomics

Tweet I’ve known Dave McClure for awhile and have worked with him on a number of events, including Startup2Startup and I know he’s really passionate about startups, metrics, and generally making the world a better place for startups entrepreneurs. If you have time on October 2nd, I’d encourage you to go and check out the […]

What’s the Right Business Model for a User-Generated Review Site?

TweetThis is my first blog post in quite some time. I’ve been noodling on an issue for the past few weeks and I thought I’d put it out there for folks to chew on. I want to start by saying this is not a problem that is new or unique to the web. The Classic […]

Virtual Goods Summit 2008 – Updated List of Speakers and Agenda

Tweet I’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging for a number of reasons but I wanted to give you all a heads up on continued developments with the Virtual Goods Summit. We’ve got a great group of speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors who will be at the conference and we’ll have even more to […]