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From Google to Gaia – My New Job

Tweet I’ve been at my new job for just under a week and I wanted to give everyone an update on what I’m doing. Since leaving Google I have joined Gaia Interactive as the Director of Business Development. We’re in the early days of the virtual goods/virtual worlds space and I’m really looking forward to […]

A Simple Formula for Developer Programs

TweetI’ve been playing with a bunch of personal homepage products (primarily Netvibes and iGoogle) and I’m kind of disappointed with what I’ve seen in terms of 3rd party applications developed for each platform. That got me thinking about what it takes to make a good developer program work. I think a lot of the lessons […]

How Did Skype Get So Stale?

TweetThis is the first of a few (probably two) posts on voice apps. I’ve been using a lot of voice applications lately – Simulscribe, GrandCentral, Jajah, iSkoot, and Skype. Of all these applications, I feel that Skype is really behind the curve. I’ve been using Skype for a few years and it still feels to […]

iminlikewithyou – i have a 5 invites to give away

TweetFor those of you who like dating/flirting sites, I have 5 invites to iminlikewithyou to give away. Either leave your name in the comments or send me an email. Tweet

Does Wikipedia Need a Better Interface?

TweetI was browsing the web last night and came across WikiSeek. And I have seen an increasing number of vertical search sites using Wikipedia data as the underlying set of source data for what they’re doing. I use Wikipedia fairly often and don’t have any issues with the relatively simple UI. Perhaps I’m missing something […]

Amazon Flexible Payments – Scary Good for Merchants

TweetI have to give Amazon credit – they’ve put together most of the things you need to assemble to make life easy for developers. They have a compute environment, bandwidth, affiliate products, an existing customer base, and a way to accept money. What more could a developer ask for from a platform provider? True cost […]

Where Are My Email Analytics?

TweetI use a lot of analytics products (Feedburner, Google Analytics, Google Reader Trends) and I get a lot of value out of them – it’s very helpful to be able to track and measure things. However, I’m been spending a lot of time thinking about the interface I use the most (email) and why there […]

My Last Day at Google

Tweet Today, Monday August 6th is my last day at Google. I’ve had a great time working here and have gotten to know some really great people and work on some really interesting projects. I don’t have the resume or artistic talents of my former colleague, Jason Shellen, but suffice it to say that leaving […]

NYT Article on Anxious Silicon Valley Millionaires

TweetI’m at home visiting my family this weekend and I came across this great article in the NYT about how Silicon Valley millionaires don’t feel rich. I’ve tried to explain this syndrome to my parents and family members before, but it’s hard to do so without coming across as a crazy person. I think this […]

Fixing Yahoo – Focus on Monetization not Developers

TweetRead/Write Web is definitely one of my favorite blogs. Josh Catone has an interesting post this past week on how Yahoo should focus on building a socially-oriented platform as a way to pull itself out of its current funk. I like a lot of the themes in this post, but I’d like to offer a […]