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Note to Microsoft – Don’t Buy RIM (You’ll Kill My Favorite Device)

TweetIs Microsoft really going to buy RIM? Should they? As a gadgeteer, I can say this – Windows Mobile is absolutely the last OS I’d want on any mobile device these days. Having briefly owned a Moto Q and a few other Windows Mobile devices, that OS has a long way to go to be […]

Are Early Adopters Leading the Web Astray?

TweetI’ve been following all of these posts about whether the Internet is boring (if stable equals boring, then I’d say it’s pretty darn boring) or whether we’re in a digestion phase for technology (which I do think is the case and is a much more interesting discussion). I think there is something a bit different […]

Help Me Build a Better Gaia – We’re Hiring

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Student-Athletes and Facebook

TweetI was watching ESPN and saw this really entertaining piece on how colleges are dealing with student-athlete Facebook usage. It’s clear that companies are not the only one’s grappling with the potential for misuse or embarrassment from info that’s shared on social networking websites. You can read the article here. Tweet

Follow-up on Facebook Advertising Networks

TweetIn a previous post I made a comment about how I’d be leery of getting too giddy about the potential for Facebook advertising networks until Facebook makes its own intentions more clear. Based on this piece in Venturebeat, things are about to get a lot more interesting. I continue to believe that Facebook needs to […]

The Motorola Q is No Blackberry

TweetSo I have spent the last two frustrating days trying to get my arms around the Motorola Q from Verizon. I am probably going to become a Verizon sub fairly soon and they sadly don’t offer the Curve. I can understand a device that doesn’t do everything well – that’s a lot to ask. But […]

The iPhone and the Fat Head of Mobile Content

TweetI continue to be impressed by the way in which the iPhone is tackling the “fat head” (as opposed to the “long tail”) of web content. For a phone with fewer than 1 million units as its installed base, the iPhone has done a remarkable job in doing something that few, if any, other mobile […]

Best Article I’ve Read on Palm in a Long Time (Good Work, Engadget)

TweetIn one post, the team over at Engadget just summed up all of my thoughts about the Treo. I am really into phones and gadgets and I have relegated the Treo to the also-ran category as of about two years ago. I would love to see Palm reinvigorate this brand and do something interesting in […]

Is Google Reader Google’s Best Social Application?

TweetI read a lot of RSS feeds over the course of the day. I’m getting to the point where almost all the news I consume comes via RSS. I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader over a year ago and I think GR is a great tool. One of the common criticism I read about […]

Are Facebook Ad Networks Worth the Trouble?

TweetMy friend (and former college drawmate) Sundeep Ahuja posted the full version of his post about Facebook ad networks here (a redacted version was posted on Inside Facebook yesterday). I think it’s a good overview of what’s happening in the Facebook ad universe today and I have a few thoughts in response. Let me say […]