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Why the “You Dont Need a Business Plan” meme is Crazy Talk

I’ve been reading a bunch of posts on how Twitter got funded without a business plan or a business model. I think the logic of these posts is largely true in only one case – if you’re an early-stage company in tech where you have lots of adoption, good growth, and attention from the “right” […]

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Facebook IPO in 2009?

I´m at a random internet cafe in Spain and a nice British man just saw me browsing Facebook and asked me if I thought they were in any position to go public anytime soon. I don´t want to beat a dead horse, but I think Facebook should focus on finding their version of AdWords, eBay´s […]

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Random Musings on Wireless Data from an iPhone Holdout

I’ve been traveling for vacation the last week or so and have had to rely on my Blackberry as my primary means of communication. As I’ve been using it more and more, I’m realizing how much the mobile data experience is still an early adopter phenom and am becoming more skeptical that it will change […]

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LinkedIn and Facebook – Unclear Outcome

I’ve been on vacation for about a week now, so this post is a bit dated. But I’m still going to write it anyway. I have seen a lot of folks saying that they’re going to abandon LinkedIn and use Facebook as the do-all and be-all social network for business and personal needs. After reading […]

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CommunityNext Viral Marketing Conference – What a Lineup!

I was just re-checking the lineup for CommunityNext’s event this weekend and it looks great – they’ve assembled a great list of speakers and topics and I know it’s going to be a great event. I hope you bought your ticket already — if not, it looks like you’re out of luck. There will be […]

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Facebook Applications Fatigue – Am I the Only One?

I just checked my Facebook profile and noticed that I have over 20 Facebook application invites that I have yet to accept. I accepted the first 5-10 application invites I received but haven’t added a net new app in awhile. I was thinking of why this is the case and I think it’s because there […]

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Virtual Items: Mainstream or Not – Video Now Available

This panel generated a lot of great comments and audience feedback. Below is the video for the panel which focused on whether virtual goods are mainstream or not. Instead of spoiling it for you by giving away the commentary, I’d encourage you to watch it in its entirety – lots of good insights and learnings […]

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