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TheFunded and Avvo – Calling Plays from the Same Playbook

TweetAfter reading about the class action lawsuit against Avvo, the lawyer rating site, and Matt Marshall’s post on TheFunded earlier today, it feels to me like both of these companies are calling plays from the same playbook by creating review properties focused on service providers in industries where reputation is paramount in generating new opportunities. […]

What I’d Need to See to Buy the iPhone

TweetAs a self-described gadget junkie, I continue to be perplexed about why I’m not clamoring for the iPhone. About 3 weeks ago I went into Cingular and picked up the new Blackberry Curve to replace my Pearl and didn’t even think twice about waiting for the iPhone to release. Aside from the fact that I […]

Community Next – Soup to Nuts Viral Marketing

TweetThe Community Next team is gearing up for another event. I went to the last one and had a really great time. Details on the event can be found below. Sounds like a very interesting event format and it will sell out with a smaller number of tickets available. Please join Community Next for the […]

What Do Business Development People Do, Anyway?

TweetThis is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a long time but I haven’t had the time or the clarity to actually sit down and write it until now. Looking back at my (short) career in business, I realize that most of the jobs I’ve had have a relationship or business development component […]

Virtual Goods Summit – Early Bird Pricing Ends on Sunday Night

Tweet I’ve been working really hard on the Virtual Goods Summit and we have a fantastic list of speakers and panel topics lined up for June 22nd. You can check out the website here . Our early bird pricing ends on Sunday at midnight — if you’re planning to come, save yourself some money and […]