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Virtual Goods Summit 2007 Website – Conference Website Now Live

TweetJust a really brief post to let everyone know that the conference website for the Virtual Goods Summit is now live on the web. We’ll be announcing more speakers and panelists soon: Feel free to leave me any comments or feedback you might have on our web presence. We’re going to be making a […]

Virtual Goods Summit 2007 – A Few More Details

TweetA number of blog readers have pinged me to ask me more about this conference I am organizing. I don’t want to give away all the details yet, but I did want to provide everyone with some context for what I’m working on and why. I go to a lot of conferences and lately have […]

Slow Blogging – Working on a Conference Idea

TweetI’ve been distracted from blogging because I am working on organizing a one-day conference on virtual goods and virtual economies. It’s starting to shape up nicely and it has been eating up a lot of my time lately. I’ll be able to share more details about it very soon, but I think it should be […]

Yahoo Photos Out, Flickr In – Why?

TweetLost in all the hoopla around whether Yahoo and Microsoft should get together was the announcement that Yahoo will be shuttering Yahoo Photos and making Flickr the only photo product offered in the Yahoo family. This strikes me as a bold and strange maneuver. This strikes me as one of the largest, if not the […]

“The Wheel” and the 5 Ps of Job Satisfaction

TweetWe’re going to have some summer interns in my group so I have been spending some time thinking about what makes people happy at work. A long time ago I had a really good co-worker who gave me a good little tool to think about what makes people happy at work. My co-worker, who shall […]

New Yahoo Messenger for the Web – If it Looks Like a Meebo and Walks like a Meebo…

TweetI just logged into the new Yahoo! Web Messenger, the webified version of Yahoo Messenger. It looks surprisingly (or perhaps not surprisingly) like the Meebo interface, with the exception of the advertisement panel featured prominently on the righthand side of the page. It also allows you to connect with MSN contacts, has an integrated search […]

The Return of the Large Pre-Launch Consumer Web Financing

TweetI’ve been clipping stories about companies who have raised fairly large (as in greater than $10 million) amounts of venture capital for consumer web services prior to launch. I am not sure that three data points constitutes a trend, but I noticed that Avvo in Seattle (link here), Powerset here in the Valley (link here), […]