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Meeteor Upgrade Finally Live

TweetNow that my travel schedule has calmed down a bit, I have finally had some time to work with my developer friend to launch a much needed improvement to my side project, Meeteor. This is the first of two planned UI upgrades for the early portion of this year. It feels good to now have […]

CommunityNext Conference at Stanford – Feb 10, 2007

TweetFor those of you interested in social networking and online communities, there is going to be a very cool (and very affordable conference) at Stanford in February. In the spirit of fair disclosure, I must admit that I know the organizer and think he’s great. More details below: When: February 10, 2007 Where: Stanford University […]

The First Post-MBA Job Conundrum

TweetThis post has nothing whatsoever to do with technology or gadgets. You have been warned. I have been mulling this post over for a long time and finally decided to sit down and write it. Now that I am about a year and half out of business school and have had a chance to chat […]