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Are Personalized Home Pages a Good Business?

TweetI am an avid user of my personalized Google homepage. I also really like Netvibes quite a bit — for some reason Pageflakes doesn’t really do it for me. Every time I fire up my personal homepage product of choice I wonder two things. 1. Haven’t we seen this movie before? I remember my first […]

Google + YouTube

TweetHey, I want to join in the chorus of Googlers who have welcomed the YouTube team to the Googleplex. I guess now the blogosphere and venture community can stop lamenting the fact that nobody in Web 2.0 land is getting paid, that you can’t make any money on M&A exits, etc. Oh wait, I am […]

Going to Japan for a Month

TweetI am planning to go to Tokyo, Japan for about a month beginning in mid-October. If you have any friends or business associates who you think I ought to meet while I am in Japan, feel free to email me with their names and contact informatoin. I am particularly interested in meeting any entrepreneurs, technologists, […]