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What Does $1 Billion Buy Nowadays?

TweetIf you put any faith in popular rumors, you need to really pay up to get some of the most popular sites on the Internet today. All of the rumors about YouTube’s supposed $1 billion valuation got me thinking about what $1 billion would buy according to blogosphere rumors. Here is a very rough sketch […]

MBA Buzz – Cool Website for MBA Data Junkies

TweetOne of our MBA interns here at Google pointed me to a web concept called MBA Buzz that he and a friend developed while at school. I played with the site for a little while today and it’s pretty interesting. It basically takes self-reported data from MBA applicants (GMAT score, GPA, previous work experience, age, […]

My Jajah “Ah ha” Moment

TweetI am willing to try just about any new application once. If it’s interesting, I might even use it again. I have been scratching my head over Jajah for about a month — I really like the product but was having a hard time explaining to one of my friends why he should move more […]

Jumpcut News

TweetGlad to see that my friend and former GSB roommate continues to make good progress with his company, Jumpcut: Siliconbeat has a brief piece on a deal that they recently closed. Tweet

Back to Blogging

TweetI have been working really hard on a product release here at Google and I am now returning to the world of blogging. If you want to see what I have been up to, click on the Google Checkout homepage. Tweet

Why I Love My Sidekick 3

TweetDespite my love of the RAZR’s slim form factor, I finally grew sick of the horrible Motorola UI. I use a Blackberry 8700g for work and was hesitant about switching from the RAZR to another phone with a QWERTY keyboard. After about a week of using the Sidekick 3 I am totally hooked. Even more […]