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Enterprise 2.0 – A Few More Thoughts

TweetAfter reading a few really interesting posts on Enterprise 2.0, this one by Om Malik and this one by Peter Rip (both of whom are two of my favorite bloggers), I would like to throw in a few additional thoughts on the topic. I agree with most of the commentary that many of the web […]

VCs Listening to Teens is the New TechCrunch

TweetI think that it’s kind of cool that VCs are interested in what teenagers do and how they spend their time. There is probably something to learn there. However, after reading this post/photostream about a panel of teenagers and this blurb from one of my favorite blogs, I think it’s safe to say that VCs […]

Is it Ever Too Soon to Monetize? Monetization as a Product Feature

TweetLately I have been stuck on the idea of monetization and how and why companies make decisions about monetizing their products. My fascination with monetization is driven by a few things: 1. I have seen or talked to a lot of start-ups who seem to be devoting all of their energy to developing features and […]

YouTube’s Fast Followers

TweetWhile I don’t really create or consume much online video, especially of the user-generated sort, it’s tough to deny that the market is growing very quickly. YouTube has really been the company at the center of all of the popular discussion about the potential for this medium. However, the landscape is changing for YouTube. Almost […]

eBay and YouTube

TweetI generally don’t write much about video, but lately I have been thinking a bit more about video. As I have mentioned before, video is the data format that I claim to understand the least. However, I am fascinated by YouTube, both as a social phenomenon and a business opportunity, and this is the first […]

Why People Don’t Read (feeds, that is)

TweetI am an avid reader of RSS feeds. The ability to passively monitor lots of news in the world is of great use to me and I don’t know how I would stay on top of news if I didn’t have a few trusty RSS readers to get me through the day. Despite the benefits […]

Fixing the RAZR – Create 3rd Party Applications

TweetYesterday I was trying to help a friend of mine perform a very simple operation on her new RAZR. She wanted to add a new phone number to an existing entry. The process is maddening, so I detailed it below: 1. Enter phone number on keypad and click “Store” 2. Click the center button on […]