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Gmail Power User Tips

TweetToday I tracked the amount of time I spent in front of email. The total — 17 hours (and counting). I basically live in email all day and have come up with a few Gmail tips that I use to keep myself organized. in the interest of personal organization, I thought I would share them […]

Firefox Flicks – Very Entertaining

TweetYesterday I went over and saw some of the funniest Firefox-related user-generated videos created by passionate Firefox advocates. The videos were really entertaining — below are a handful of my favorites: Whee – My geeky favorite The New F Word – My favorite business themed commercial (I couldn’t find the link) This is Hot – […]

Stanford Cool Products Expo 2006: Lots of Cool Stuff for Gadget Geeks

TweetIn the interest of full disclosure, I should admit that a good friend of mine from business school has worked extremely hard to pull together this year’s installment of the Cool Products Expo at Stanford. The details on the event can be found below — go ahead and drop me a line if you are […]

Online Invitations – Broken or Just Stale? (Evite, Renkoo, and Skobee)

TweetA few days ago I was remarking to a friend about how many stale web interfaces are finally getting a much-needed refresh — calendars, email, directories, finance websites, and search results pages were the ones that immediately came to mind. In our discussion, there were two web properties that we both agreed had not really […]

Notes from SDForum GeoSearch & Mapping Event

TweetI went to the SDForum’s SearchSIG event last night on GeoSearch and Mapping. My guess is that there were about 150-200 people there and I have posted my notes in Q&A format for those of you with an interest in the content. Given that mapping is a fairly competitive area, most of the presenters played […]

More Musings on People-Powered Search

TweetEver since I went to the SearchSIG event on social search earlier this year, I have been doing some more thinking about the barriers to having this “people-powered” approach defeat the machine-powered approaches that dominate today. After I read this article in CNet about blog spam, I finally feel like I have some level of […]

Social Networking Experiment #2

TweetSo last time I ran a little social experiment using my blog, it was really successful — I have met a ton of interesting people here at Google just based on referrals from friends (and in some cases) strangers. With that success in my back pocket, I am going to run another experiment: Every week […]

JumpCut Profiled on TechCrunch

TweetCongratulations to my friend and classmate whose company, JumpCut, was recently profiled on TechCrunch. Hopefully this is the first of many future positive mentions. Tweet

Facebook and MySpace Haven’t Disrupted Much…Yet

TweetI continue to be impressed by the growth of Facebook and MySpace. However, I keep waiting for them to do something that kind of breaks the mold. I used to work at a now-defunct portal company in the late 1990s and we were trying to execute the same business model as others in the space […]

Playing Around with

TweetI am going to spend about a week playing around with to get a feel for how it actually works. I will write an update when I have had a chance to really play around with it. Tags: Tweet