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BW Article on JBoss

TweetSeveral years ago I had an opportunity to meet Marc Fleury at a VLAB event where he talked about the JBoss vision and his own story about his role in helping to build the company into what it is today. He was one of the most interesting, colorful, and controversial people I have had the […]

Start Charging Users for Services – Please

TweetThis is an exceptionally long post. This is what happens when I sit on a topic for a really long time. The views in this post were influenced by having read two other blog postings related to this topic in the past month or so: Deal or No Deal (David Hornik) WTF (Russell Beattie) And, […]

Music Phones are to iPods as Blackberries are to Laptops

TweetI was reading this article on MobHappy about how “Mobiles Will Kill iPods and Video Cameras” earlier today. I agree with some (but not all) of the issues raised in this article. As the owner of a Sony Ericsson W800 phone, I can say that the device has reduced the amount of music I consume […]

Early Thoughts on Riya Public Beta (Updated)

TweetI have started to carve longer posts into short snippets and long body portions to make it easier to wade through some of these longer postings. I started playing with the Riya public beta last night and I am left feeling like I am missing something. I know that they are early on and are […]

Comparison Shopping — Now There’s a Market

TweetI really like the e-commerce market — I think it’s the easiest business model to understand. I heard about uSwitch getting acquired and was inspired to see how much this space has created in terms of exit value. Here is a quick summary of what I could pull together in 5-10 minutes of work: […]

Spurring PC VoIP Adoption – Are Headsets the Answer?

TweetI am a big fan of PC-based VoIP products like Skype, Google Talk, etc. I find them really useful. However, I have found relatively modest adoption among my friends because you really need to have a decent USB headset to make the experience worthwhile. Why haven’t some of these providers (Plantronics, Logitech, etc) gotten together […]

Sony Ericsson W800 – Overrated, but Still Good

TweetAfter 18 months of trusty service, I finally retired my Blackberry 7100t. I recently acquired a new Blackberry 8700 for work, so I saw no reason to carry two Blackberries (even I have my limits). I decided to finally break down and get a phone that was more focused on entertainment. I was also curious […]

PWC Article – “Web 2.0: The Internet subset formerly known as the Web”

TweetSomehow I was fortunate enough to have my thoughts on Web 2.0 published alongside the thoughts of people who are a lot more impressive than I am. The article, called “Web 2.0: The Internet subset formerly known as the Web” is available onlinehere. Lots of interesting commentary from some web 2.0 heavyweights. Tweet

MySpace Messenger

TweetI saw this brief blurb on Om’s blog talking about the upcoming launch of MySpace’s IM application. My guess is that this thing will be a hit and it is just another example of how MySpace is really moving away from being a simple hub to being a more complete “lifestyle” application for the demographic […]

My Dashboard of the Future is Here Today: SugarCRM

TweetI have been experimenting heavily with SugarCRM lately, both out of professional necessity and personal interest. I had noticed that I was not meeting my own personal standards for returning phone calls, responding to emails, keeping on top of to-dos and keeping my sprawling address book and contact data up-to-date. I have spent a lot […]