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Technorati and Wink

TweetI have been experimenting with Wink for about two weeks now and I really think it’s useful provided the target of your search meets one of two categories: 1. The content you are trying to locate is something of interest to the current universe of taggers (breaking news, technology topics, poltiics, etc.) 2. The data […]

Observations on Search Sig Social Search Event

TweetEarlier this evening I attended the SDForum’s SearchSIG event on tagging, social bookmarking, and tagging. One of the great things about living in the Bay Area is the easy access you can get to newsmaking companies and topics. I am sure that there will be many interesting transcripts, podcasts, and summaries of all of the […]

Being Connected

TweetThis is the longest blog entry I can remember writing. It is also one of the rare pieces that I have written that is somewhat personal and focused more on society than technology. I was back visiting my family during the holidays and several members of my family remarked “you are always bent over your […]

Interesting Search Event for those in the Bay Area

TweetOkay, when 4 people I really respect and find interesting tell me that they are going to attend an event after work, that’s enough to put it on my radar. The event in question is being put on by SDForum’s Search SIG. The focus of the event appears to be tagging and search and will […]

More Musings on Google Pack

TweetThis is a kind of dense post — now that I have scheduled posts working on MT, I can draft these things in the wee hours of the night for future publication. I have been thinking about Google Pack ever since I heard about it in the CES rumor mill. For those who do not […]

Two Security M&A Transactions – Permeo and IMLogic

TweetThere were two security transactions announced today. There has already been tons written about them online, but I am just adding my two cents about IMLogic and Permeo. Tweet