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JP Morgan Connector Showcase

TweetLast night I attended the Connector Showcase at JP Morgan’s offices up in San Francisco. The event was designed to give invited guests an opportunity to etwork with each other and see some cool product demos. My hunch is that many of the people in the room were familiar with a good number of the […]

Vertical Search Business Models – It’s All about Economic Transactions

TweetFor the past week I have been talking with a bunch of people about vertical search business models. I have a pretty bipolar perspective on vertical search; some days I think there is a business there and some days I don’t. After many enlightening conversations, my general thoughts can be summed up in the following […]

Feb 8th SearchSIG Event on Classified Search

TweetThe last SearchSIG event I attended was really good and the lineup for this next event looks interesting as well. Presenting companies include Edgeio, Google, and Oodle with others to be added later. Sounds like a good list of presenting companies — it would be great to add someone from Craigslist in the mix. I […]

Mint and Feedburner

TweetOn the advice of a friend and fellow blogger, I installed Mint on my blog. It’s a great little product for gettting more insight into the nature of your own blog’s traffic. I was able to install it in just about an hour and the support forums have answers to most of the questions a […]

More Thoughts on Click-to-Call

TweetI was browsing this interesting article on click-to-call or pay-per-call or whatever you want to call it. I have always thought that integrating the telephone and fax into the mix would be key to getting small and/or local businesses interested in online advertising as a means of lead generation. It lowers the barrier of having […]

Clearing Up Rumors on T-Mobile MDA and SDA Release Date

TweetI was eager to find out when the MDA and the SDA smartphones are scheudled to launch on T-Mobile. Reliable sources had mentioned “the 19th” and “the 20th” as the launch dates. Those are close, but not correct. I called T-Mobile and here is what the representative told me about the official ship dates for […]

Do I Need Wi-Fi on my Mobile Phone?

TweetAfter more than a year with my Blackberry 7100t, I am thinking of getting a new phone. I am particularly intrigued by two new offerings from HTC that will be made available via T-Mobile. There are rumors and visual evidence that the SDA and MDA will be made available for pre-order later this week. Both […]

Moving away from desktop apps

TweetI have been trying to break myself from using desktop client programs where possible. I have 4 computers that I use reguarly and keeping track of documents and email across 4 different mail clients just became too difficult. I really miss the functionality and clean interface of Thunderbird and still run it on my home […]

Moving to WordPress?

TweetA good number of my friends have recently moved off of MovableType to WordPress. I have been happy with MovableType (I have a very good admin who fixes stuff for me when I break it) but am curious as to why so many people I know have moved over to WordPress. If you are a […]

MBAs and Tech – A Lagging Indicator?

TweetThere was an article on CNet about the increase in MBAs coming back out to Silicon Valley to look for jobs with start-up as well as established technology companies. When I graduated from business school, one of my mentors told me that “MBA interest in a career path is a lagging indicator” and generally a […]