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OneCare and the Anti-Virus Market

TweetI have been too busy to actually install and play around with the Microsoft OneCare Beta. I have heard that it is a reasonably good product and I am inclined to believe that it is. Most of the reviews I have read are what I would expect for a beta product; there are some nagging […]

Online Calendars – Are They Back?

TweetI have been playing with a lot of the new calendar programs out there — CalendarHub, Trumba, and Planzo — and I find them all to be pretty cool. They all have subtle differences and I am slightly partial to Planzo over the other two. However, playing with all of these calendaring applications has made […]

More on BW Piece on Google

TweetIt has been so long since I had a chance to blog. I know that this has already been covered in other circles, but I have been chewing on this well-written piece that BusinessWeek did on Google vs. VCs. The basic premise of this piece is that Google (and to a lesser extent Yahoo!) are […]