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iTunes for Phones and Pocket Behavior

TweetNow that 3GSM is finally over, it appears that the noise level regarding music players in mobile phones appears to be subsiding. While I am a believer that mobile music players will have an impact on the market for digital music, I am not a bleiever that these devices will replace the iPod and similar […]

Motorola and Skype Partnership — I Like It

TweetThis is just a quick mini-post. There was an Internet News article talking about the partnership between Motorola and Skype to make Motorola Bluetooth products “Skype Ready” in the future. I think this makes a lot of sense. Instead of trying to force the convergence of two dissimilar communication media, offer people bridges that make […]

Do Branded Browsers Make Sense?

TweetI have been skimming a few of the articles about search and portal companies such as Google and Ask looking to launch their own branded browsers. I don’t know that I have a whole lot add to the discussion, but I figured I would get my thoughts out anyway. Tweet

Cross Blogging 4Info — Check it Out

TweetI don’t normally cross blog friends, but one of my good friends, Zaw Thet, is involved with a startup called 4Info that has an interesting product in the mobile search. I have been playing with it for awhile and it works really well, especially if you live in the SF Bay Area. More postings to […]

Does C|Net Launching a Newsreader Make Sense?

TweetThis whole C|Net newsreader announcement has really caught my attention. Before I launch into my own musings, I’d like to say thanks to Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion for posting this first. He appears to be the prime mover in the blogosphere on this topic. The more I read about this announcement, the more it […]

More Thoughts on Wikis

TweetI am glad that lots of people are talking up wikis. I am a big fan of wikis and have been running my own very unscientific experiment to see how average business users (as opposed to developers or early adopters) react when presented with a wiki. Just some quick thoughts… Tweet

Skype and Convergence

TweetA friend of mine has been giving me a hard time for holding on to my Vonage line. He has gone to a model where he only uses Skype and his mobile phone — he has no land-line equivalent to speak of. The same day he and I had this conversation, I was reading this […]