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Cisco and Trend Micro

TweetI like merger speculation as much as the next person. Oracle and Peoplesoft is a very interesting merger and I believe it will eventually happen. The recent chatter about Sun and Novell is equally interesting, but much less likely. One merger that I think SHOULD happen is that Cisco should buy Trend Micro. Tweet

Netflix vs Blockbuster

TweetI cancelled my Netflix subscription awhile ago, but it was not because I had any issues with the service. Netflix is a very cool product and I really think that they should be commended for what they have built and developed. If I were at Netflix, I am not sure that I would be overly […]

Is Desktop Search Really a Big Deal ?

TweetThere have been tons and tons of articles about the whole desktop search market. Microsoft recently announced their acquisition of Lookout Software, maker of the very slick (and useful) Lookout Toolbar for MS Outlook. Yahoo recently announced their intentions to compete in desktop search as well. And, there is the omnipresent Blinkx application that is […]

MobiTV — Very Cool Application

TweetA friend of mine is working with MobiTV (, a company that delivers real-time video to mobile phones. I saw a demo of the technology working on a Sprint PCS phone and was very impressed. Granted, the picture was a bit small and the frame rate was modest, but you could actually watch television in […]

Open Source — Isn’t it Just Economics 201?

TweetLots of people are blogging about open source. I am a bit hesitant to add anything to the fray as I think most of the really important points have been made. One line of logic that hasn’t gotten as much press, in my opinion, is the theory of complements. For those of you with a […]

If Everyone is a CIO…

TweetI read a post on AlwaysOn that I thought was very well written and raised a number of interesting points. The interview was about how everyone is becoming a CIO with the myriad of network-enabled devices that we are seeing around the house. If we are all becoming CIOs, what does that mean about the […]

Yahoo Buying into Travel?

TweetThe rumor that Yahoo has acquired FareChase appears to be true. There is an article on Internet Week confirming that the transaction closed on July 2nd. While Yahoo! representatives were quick to point out that this does not in any way endanger their exclusive deal with Travelocity, I have a hard time reading this as […]

Why Gmail is Hard

TweetThis is my last Google post for the day. I have been using Gmail for awhile and I think it is a very great product. Webmail + keyboard shortcuts really is a compelling value proposition. Using Gmail has, however, made me realize how calcified my email usage habits are. Tweet

Why all the Google Bashing?

TweetI have finally climbed out of the hole that I have been stuck in for the past few months. I have also managed to erase the over 1,000 bogus spam comments posted to this blog — what a nightmare. Now on to interesting topics. I am quite perplexed as to why it has become so […]