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Mirra Personal Server — Do SOHO Users Understand the Need for Backup?

TweetEver since I read about this product in several of the post-CES roundups, I have been fairly intrigued by the Mirra Personal Server and its positioning as a backup solution for home computers. The logic for the Mirra product is pretty easy to grasp and its success in the marketplace will tell us something about […]

Gizmodo Article on Mobile Storage

TweetGizmodo had an interesting article on the way in which small form-factor storage is beginning to impact the world of mobile telephony (TheFeature :: You Can Take It With You). The author raises a few interesting points, but I think that his final sentence sums it up best — “I can’t wait to have something […]

Is Vonage Right for You?

TweetAbout a month ago, I decided to dump my traditional landline to test out the new Vonage service. Thus far, I have been relatively pleased with the service, but I cannot call it an unqualified success. Tweet

Motorola MPx200 — My Two Cents

TweetI finally gave in and bought a Motorola MPx200 of my own just so I could see what all of the fuss was about. After spending about a week with the device, I think that I understand why everyone is so excited about it — it is Motorola’s best product since the StarTAC. Tweet