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4 Businesses for Contrarians?

TweetI attended an interesting speech by Vinod Khosla a few weeks back. While many venture capitalists bemoan the lemming mentality in the industry, few are actually willing to swim against the tide and fund ideas that are out of fashion or out of favor. That got me to thinking — what are 4 businesses that […]

When Patents do Matter for Start-Ups

TweetOne of the better articles that I have read in awhile was on CNET a few days ago — “Investors snub Friendster in patent grab”. The really interesting thing about this article is not the content about the wranglings among the various social networking websites; this is one of those seldom-publicized cases where intellectual property […]

Forget Microsoft — What about IBM?

TweetThe recent press surrounding the EU’s insistence on continuing with their prosecution of Microsoft and its past business practices is a mildly interesting story. After reading some of the press, I am beginning to wonder if the world should be much more worried about IBM than Microsoft at the moment. Tweet

New Posts Begin This Week

TweetReaders, I have been dealing with a very serious spam problem with my blog, so I temporarily suspended all new posts. New posts will resume on Wednesday, November 12th. Tweet