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“The Twilight of Technology?” — Hardly

TweetThere was a very interesting article in today’s Wall Street Journal (sorry, I can’t hyperlink to it here as it is password-protected) about Amazon’s decision to pursue a “shopping mall” strategy. In a roundabout way, this article shares a lot in common with some recent remarks made by Kevin Rollins of Dell (for more text […]

Improving Indoor Mobile Coverage — Is the Time Right?

TweetI have been tracking the development of two companies, Radioframe Networks and Kineto Wireless, for some time. Both companies are working on ways to improve the quality of in-building mobile/WLAN coverage. Is the time right for products in this space? Tweet

Fun vs. Productivity — What is the Market Telling Us?

TweetEvery now and then I come across an article that raises some interesting issues in the world of wireless technology. A recent CNET artilce talks about the differing rates of adoption for camera and so-called “smart” phones. Tweet

Why Aren’t All of My Services “All You Can Eat”?

TweetI have been told that this is a distinctly American fascination, but I am a big proponent of all you can eat (pay a flat price for unlimited usage) products and services. Many of the services that I consume, such as broadband Internet, DVD rental, wireline phone service, and digital cable are all available in […]

Friendster and the Changing Face of Online Dating

Tweet Occasionally I find a topic that really polarizes many of my friends and colleagues. Lately, I have found that many of my friends and colleagues have very strong feelings about one Internet activity in particular — dating and dating services. Tweet

What Should be Done with Gateway?

TweetWhat has become of Gateway? Are they a computer company? An electronics company? A digital camera and flat screen superstore? I have been watching the various twists and turns that this company has endured and I am beginning to think that the company is in the midst of a serious identity crisis. Tweet

Thoughts on European Pre-Paid Mobile

Tweet After spending an extended holiday in Europe, I was amazed by the convenience and quality of Vodafone’s pre-paid mobile service. I have virtually no experience with pre-paid mobile in the United States, but there are a few elements of the European experience that make it incredibly enjoyable for the traveler. Tweet


TweetIn my earlier post about , a representative from GoodContacts pointed out that there was an error in my post. The GoodContacts software product does not employ a database-in-the-sky approach — the GoodContacts application does not store user contact data in an Internet-addressable application. Tweet