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On Vacation

TweetFriends and Readers, I should have posted this long ago, but I am on holiday at the moment, enjoying some time away from the office (but not from the world of technology). New posts will likely resume in late August, with a focus on the mobile experience in Europe for starters. Sincerely, Charles Hudson Tweet

Will We See DoNotSpam.Gov?

TweetBased on the strong response to the recently-launched national telemarketing do-not-call registry(Sign-up begins for do-not-call list) , is a similar bill for spam right around the corner? Tweet

Linux — Coming to Consumer Devices Near You?

TweetA recent article,“Electronics makers rally around Linux”, describes some of the work going on to make Linux more suitable for consumer electronics applications. In the interest of fair disclosure, I have friends who have investmetns in MontaVista Software. What could this consortium mean for consumer electronics products? Tweet

Don’t Look Now, but Sprint is Making Money in Wireless Data

TweetA recent article inWirelessWeek describes the great strides that Sprint has made in actually generating revenue from ringtones, games, and other consumer-focused data services. I am a big believer in mobile consumer entertainment and I am glad to see a carrier release hard data on the volume of transactions that these services are generating. Tweet